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"Writing Email Autoresponders

For Clients Is HARD..."

…especially if you’re not sure exactly how to do it.

You have to wrestle with the sheer overwhelm of all the things you need to learn… and all the things to need to remember while writing.

You struggle with uncertainty because you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

You face writer’s block, and you find yourself staring at the cursor on the screen, unable to get any words out.

Ultimately, this all leads to you not getting clients.

Or worse, you convince clients to hire you, but you do a terrible job and they never hire you again (and if you screw up real bad, they tell their entire network to avoid you like the plague).

Writing emails for clients is no walk in the park.

That’s Why I Created 3

Story-Selling Email Templates


3 Story-Selling Email Templates is exactly what it sounds like: 3 “fill in the blanks” email templates that use powerful “sales stories” to persuade people to open emails, click links and buy various products and services.

They’re a great addition to your copywriting arsenal. Use these templates on your own website, use them with clients (sell them for $30, $50, or $100 a pop), and study them until you’ve memorized the strategies they use.

With these 3 “story-selling” email templates, you’ll have a total of 3 “fill in the blanks” email templates to use when writing for clients.

So when a client hires you to write a 5- or 10-email autoresponder sequence, you won’t have to struggle with writer’s block, uncertainty, failure or not knowing what to write.

You’ll be able to pull out your templates, fill in the blanks, tweak as needed and hand them back to the client.

Your client will be all smiles, and he’ll rush to tell his friends and associates about how fast and professional you were, and how amazing your copy was.

Now, you’ve probably realized that these 3 story-selling email templates only give you 3 templates total.

So if a client hires you to write 10 emails, you still need to write 7 emails from scratch.

That’s where the magic of these templates comes in.

Since you’ll have 3 story-selling emails, you’ll have a much clearer idea on what you need to write for the 7 additional emails (especially since a 10-email sequence is usually 1 welcome email, plus 9 story-selling emails). If you study the templates carefully, you’ll discover the various components of each, and you’ll hone your ability to write your own emails that use stories to sell products and services.

If you want additional training on how to write emails from scratch – without ever relying on templates – stay tuned because I’ve got something else you’ll love… but more on that later.

Here’s How Each Email Template Uses Stories To Sell

In email template 1, you’ll use a story about Albert Einstein to inspire your subscribers to believe in themselves and take action to buy your product.

You’ll discover how to use “inspiration selling” to motivate people to take action and do something, whether you want them to click a link, watch a video or buy a product.

In email template 2, you’ll use the famous “80/20 rule” to squash the competition and position your product or service as the pre-eminent answer to your subscriber’s problem or pain.

You’ll discover how to use metaphors to convince people that they’re currently following the wrong path, and why people following the right path buy your product or service.

In email template 3, you’ll use a story about a road map to demonstrate why someone should hire you or buy your product.

You’ll discover how to use simple stories to convince people that something in their life needs to change, with the first change being to buy your product or service.

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