3-Step Checklist On How To Become A Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter

How To Write A Marketing Email

How to Write a Marketing Email

“Gross! I can’t believe you use email to try to sell your stuff!” The average man would take this as an insult. But I am NOT the average man. (According to a litany of tests I’m FAR below average.) This was the response I once received while speaking with other dog training business owners in […]

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The Inside Hustle: 50 Cent’s Marketing Secret To Stacking Dough

This is a guest post by Austin Lee. Austin is a freelance copywriter who helps 6 and 7-figure businesses grow sales with engaging email autoresponders.  (Today, we’re going to talk about drug fiends and marketing. If drawing connections between addicts and customers offends you, probably skip this one and read this instead) At the age […]

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How to Write An About Page That Gets You Hired


This guest post on how to write an about page is by Tavleen. Tavleen is a Positioning Strategist over at TheYouEngine.com. Grab her Wordsmith’s Secret Swipe File to swap weak frail words/phrases in your copy with power-packed punches. Have you tweaked your ‘About Page’ a gazillion times? But you’re still not sure if it forms […]

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Copywriting Definition: What Does A Copywriter Do? [EXPOSED]


You’re about to discover copywriting’s definition and purpose in marketing and business. What does a copywriter do and what skills do they need? Read on to find out… First of all, congratulations! Since you’ve arrived on this page, you obviously want to know about the weird and wonderful world of writing words for profit. Well […]

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