Copywriting Definition: What Does A Copywriter Do? [EXPOSED]


You’re about to discover copywriting’s definition and purpose in marketing and business. What does a copywriter do and what skills do they need? Read on to find out… First of all, congratulations! Since you’ve arrived on this page, you obviously want to know about the weird and wonderful world of writing words for profit. Well […]

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9 Simple Techniques That Make Your Case Study 100% More Powerful

This is a guest post by Tavleen Kaur. Tavleen is a Positioning Strategist and the founder of She helps coaches and consultants position themselves in their niche through credible, compelling and empathetic copywriting. Writing a case study that’s capable of selling your product/service is hard work. Bringing out a story that resonates and moves […]

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The 3 NLP Secrets of Master Copywriters

Have you ever struggled with writing powerful copy? The kind of copy that engages your reader and compels her to happily click the buy button with credit card in hand? The kind of copywriting that makes other writers gasp in shock at its emotional pull? Or do you write copy that seems “off”, but you […]

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