7 Killer Headline Formulas You Can Use to Boost Conversions

This is a guest post by Ryson Owens—copywriter and founder of Psychic Ape Writing. Ryson helps businesses drive sales by harnessing the extraordinary power of direct marketing and sales psychology. Why Headlines Are So Important In your marketing, figuring out your headlines should take up 80% of your time. That’s right. 80%. Why? Because your […]

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How To Make $10,000 Per Month As A Copywriter


I’ll be honest, there aren’t many careers where you can make $10,000 per month. And even less if your goals include: Working from home Working remotely Working at your own pace Working with only your ideal clients Working in your pajamas (not judging… ) But copywriting is one of them. This is because effective copywriting […]

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How To Become A Self Help Copywriter (5 Super Simple Steps)

How to become a self help copywriter

There’s never been a better time to become a self help copywriter than right now. Why is this? Because the self help industry has never been larger and the skill of copywriting has never been more valuable. Entrepreneurs and businesses are constantly creating new products and services and need skilled copywriters to help sell them. […]

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7 Things Copywriters Can Learn From Pick-Up Artists


Have you ever spotted a girl on the other side of the room, and wondered how you would approach her? What you would say to her? How you would ask for her number and ultimately get her on a date and into your bed? And have you ever stared at a blank screen, wondering how […]

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Why Your Contact Form isn’t Working

This is a guest post by Lynn Swayze. Lynn is a “caffeinated copywriter” and writes landing pages, sales letters, and lead magnets that get you more leads and increases your revenue. So you’ve built a landing page and a web form. You’re driving traffic to the newly minted site. You await anxiously for the messages to […]

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