Build An Automatic Sales Machine (with daily email tips)


Want to double or triple your revenue and build an automatic sales machine in the process?

Start emailing your customers.


The “McIntyre Method” way.

There ain’t no two ways about it:

…if you want to grow your business, you have to build a relationship with your marketplace.

The best way to do that is with (effective) email marketing.

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You can’t build a relationship with a sales page or an online store. You can’t expect to make a second, third or fourth sale if you never communicate with your customers. You can’t build a thriving online business without using email (still the world’s most popular communication medium).

But here’s the thing –

If you don’t know how to use email marketing effectievly,
you’re more likely to damage your business than help it.

If you do things the way most people do, you’ll rack up spam complaints, unsubscribes and angry customers. After a short stint testing out email marketing, you’ll throw up your hands in frustration and quit.

But if that happens, you’ll miss out on the crazy big profits that are available to all smart entrepreneurs who take the time to master email marketing.

That’s where I come in.

…just who the hell am I?

I’m The Autoresponder Guy and
email marketing is “my thing”.

I’ll let my clients tell you…

“When I implemented his advice, sales tripled.”

Mars Dorian,, Branding and Creative Design

“My sales went up from 2-3 a week to 25-30 a week”

Skylor Powell,

Highest converting to date due to @JohnMcIntyre_”

Brendan Tully,

mark fantastic emails



When I talk about email marketing,
people listen (the smart ones, anyway)

And while I talk about email marketing on my blog, the good stuff is only available via email (naturally…).

You can get access to my strategy by signing up to my daily email list below (yes, daily).

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Here’s what you’ll discover
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  • my simple 4-step recipe for writing profitable autoresponders (this recipe consistently bumps email profits by 25-100% in 90 days or less)
  • email marketing lessons from the Australian Gold Rush way back in 1851 (those gold miners were onto something big!)
  • why Abraham Lincoln would have been an expert email marketer if he was still alive (and what you can learn from ol’ Abe about making money from email)
  • how to be UNsexy with email (what the HECK does that mean? Sign up to find out…)
  • the “oil tanker email strategy” that will RUIN you (plus, discover a REAL email strategy that works time and time again)
  • 5 dumbo email marketing mistakes that you’re probably making right now (and how hundreds of smart marketers are making out like bandits by avoiding these mistakes)
  • why email open rates and click-through rates literally DON’T matter (stop blindly chasing metrics that don’t matter and find out what DOES matter)
  • the 7-letter word that underlies all effective marketing (you’ll never get email marketing right without NAILING this one key element)
  • why content marketing is BULLSHIT when it comes to email marketing (don’t fall for the content marketing hoax your competitors are falling for)

And of course, lots more.

The idea is to have you making sales with email as fast as friggin’ possible.


Lastly, a warning…
I sell something in (almost) every email.

It’s free to join my daily email list and I only send valuable info. However, I sell something in almost every email.

If you sign up, you’ll find out why I do things this way.

(In fact, you can learn a lot just by watching what I do – but that’s another story.)

I’m all about providing value and educating my prospects, however…

I’m not an effin’ library. I’m not an encyclopaedia and I’m not in the “free information” business.

I’m didn’t write these emails to support the free-loaders of the interwebz.

I’m in business to make money (Gasp!).

Don’t like it? Good. I don’t want you here.

But if you’re ok with that, and if you understand that you are in business to make money too, we’ll get on just fine.

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Real Feedback From Real People

John is one of the best copywriters I’ve met.”

Edmund,, Incorporation and Passport Services

“When I implemented his advice, sales tripled.”

Mars Dorian,, Branding and Creative Design

“John increased our email opt-in rate by 257%.”

Dan Andrews, and

Highest converting to date due to @JohnMcIntyre_”

Brendan Tully,

“My sales went up from 2-3 a week to 25-30 a week”

Skylor Powell,

Really fucking good at casual copy.”

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