How To Write Guest Posts For The McMethod

Getting published on The McMethod is simple – just follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Generate at least 3 ideas (important: follow the steps below).
  2. Get one idea approved by John.
  3. Write and submit your guest post for review.
    1. Create an account on the back end.
    2. Use this template for your guest post.
    3. Write your post.
    4. Edit your post.
    5. Add featured image.
    6. Submit for review.

Watch this video for a full explanation (if you prefer to read, scroll down and read the text explanation):

1. Generate at least 3 ideas.

The trick to writing great content that gets LOTS of traffic is a) writing great content, and b) targeting specific keywords that people are searching for.

With that in mind, I’ve created a spreadsheet with 50+ keywords for you to generate ideas with.

If you use one of the these keywords as your article topic, you’ll get much better results with your guest post. You’ll be more likely to rank high in Google for something that people are actually searching for. Therefore, you’ll get more traffic, readers and potential clients to your guest post. And ultimately, you’ll get more people clicking through to your website and signing up for a call or your lead bribe.

Click here to view the idea spreadsheet.


How to use this spreadsheet to generate amazing ideas that get truckloads of traffic

Use this spreadsheet to generate ideas.

The best keyword for your article will be low KD (keyword difficulty) and high volume (lots of people searching for it). For example, you can see that LOTS of people are searching for “copywriter salary” but there is very little competition in Google for that keyword.

Therefore, that would be a GREAT article to write for The McMethod. You’d likely get lots of traffic, and lots of clicks to your website (provided your call to action was relevant).

Now, you might be wondering… if these keywords are so good, why don’t I just write the article for my website and get the traffic to my site instead?

The reason is that your website probably has very little authority in Google, and therefore, it will be much harder to rank articles and blog posts high enough for people to click on them. If you write the article and post it on The McMethod, it’s much more likely to rank high, since Google already ranks our other articles on the first page (for example, try searching for “email copywriter” or “how to become a freelance copywriter”).

Does that make sense?

Once you’ve chosen a few ideas, take a look at the most popular posts on The McMethod to see what people are responding to already:

When brainstorming topics and writing posts for The McMethod, aim for something similar to the blog posts above, but with your personal perspective.

Finally, your title (and topic) should include one or several of the following:
  • How to ____
  • List posts (ie. 7 ways to X)
  • FREE
  • You
  • Tips
  • Blog post
  • Why
  • Best
  • Tricks
  • Great

Use BuzzSumo and check out our competitors (CopyHackers, CopyBlogger, Neville Medhora, etc) for content ideas that people LOVE (look for most popular posts on those sites and write something similar with YOUR OWN perspective)

2. Get one idea approved by John.

Do you have 3 ideas for your post?

Email me – [email protected] – and I’ll choose one for publication.

3. Write and submit your guest post for review.

a. Create an account on the back end.

Click here to create an account on

You will submit and manage all of your guest posts through this account.

b. Use this template for your guest post.

Copy and paste this into the TEXT editor of the WordPress editor, then switch to the visual editor.

This is an opening paragraph.
<h2>This is a sub-headline. It is a &lt;h2&gt; tag. Please make all your sub-headlines &lt;h2&gt; in the text editor.</h2>
Other requirements for your guest post:
<li>At least 1,000 words <em>without </em>rambling (that is, 1,000 words <em>without </em>fluff).</li>
<li>Include sub-headlines, lists, and images to lead people down the page.</li>
<li>Add a featured image:
<li>find a relevant photo on <a href="" target="_blank">Pexels</a></li>
<li>download the image</li>
<li>open the image in an image editor and resize it to 720px wide</li>
<li>to add your featured image to the post, use the "Set featured image" in the editor sidebar</li>
<li>Your call-to-action should be simple and easy and low-investment. Offer a free report, a template (templates work great!), or a free consultation… NOT a product.</li>
This is the last paragraph. Your last paragraph should be a call-to-action for something, such as your copywriting services, or a lead bribe you offer. Here's mine: Need help getting started? <a href="" target="_blank">Download these 7 responsive ecommerce HTML email templates</a>. I created 1 template for each campaign here – 7 templates total. They’ll get you started down the path of awesome email marketing.
c. Write your post.


Important: while writing your post, be sure to save regularly using the “Save Draft” link on the right.

Write your blog post like you’re writing a personal letter to David Johnson (a typical McMethod reader):

  • Young(ish), usually in his 20s, but occasionally middle-aged or retired
  • Has a job and wants to quit (or quit or got fired and needs money ASAP)
  • Wants to work from home
  • Likes writing
  • Likes the idea of getting paid to write
  • Positive, upbeat, confident
  • Not looking for “get rich quick” (understands the need for hard work)

Follow the technical requirements for each post:

  • At least 1,000 words without rambling (that is, write 1,000 words without writing fluff)
  • Include headlines and sub-headlines to lead people down the page
  • Include a featured image (and resize it to 720 x 380 px)
    • Pexels is a great site for free feature images, though you can use any image you like (provided you have the rights – and can prove it – to the image).
    • The button to add a featured image is on the right-hand sidebar when you are editing the post.
  • Include other images where relevant
  • The last paragraph should include a call-to-action for something, such as your copywriting services, a product you sell, or an opt-in bribe you offer.
    • Here’s an example of mine: Need help getting started? Download these 7 responsive ecommerce HTML email templates. I created 1 template for each campaign here – 7 templates total. They’ll get you started down the path of awesome email marketing.
    • You call-to-action should be simple and easy and low-investment. Offer a free report, a template (templates work great!), or a free consultation… NOT a product.

Remember, the better your content, the better the quality of leads you’ll get out of this (and the more likely I am to feature the content, email my list about it and so on)

d. Edit your post.

This part is self-explanatory.

Here’s the thing about great writing:

It’s the EDITING stage that makes it great. Not the writing.

This applies to all types of writing, not just copywriting. Your first draft is not where the magic happens. Your first draft is your first pass. It’s like a new sculpture that’s half completed. Over time, through the editing process, you gradually whittle away at it until you have your masterpiece. Your add words, delete phrases, tweaking whatever needs tweaking, until your writing gets your message across.

Editing isn’t just about fixing typos and making sure it looks fine. Editing is about making sure your headline is as attention-getting as it can be. Perhaps there’s a better way to write your opening. Or maybe your call-to-action could be more exciting. Editing is about looking at your piece objectively, and adding or removing words, phrases and paragraphs, to better accomplish your goals.

I’m serious. The difference between writers who never sound professional and writers who draw you in with an irresistible magic is editing. So edit your work.

e. Add featured image.
  1. Find a relevant photo on Pexels.
  2. Download the image to your computer.
  3. Open the image in an image editor and resize it to 720px (IMPORTANT).
  4. Change the filename to your post title (if your post title “How to write copy”, your image filename should be “how to write copy.jpg” or “how to write copy.png”).
  5. Use the “Set featured image” link in the sidebar to add your featured image.


f. Final check!

Almost there!

Before submitting your post for review, please make sure that you have met the requirements (or your post will be rejected):

  • Does your title include one or several of the following: How to ____ , List posts (ie. 7 ways to X), FREE, You, Tips, Blog post, Why, Best, Tricks, Great ?
  • Did you get your idea approved by John?
  • Did you write your post with David Johnson (the typical McMethod reader) in mind?
  • Did you write at least 1,000 words of actionable content with “no fluff”?
  • Did you include sub-headlines, lists and other elements to drag people down the page?
  • Did you add a featured image that is 720px wide?
  • Did you add a call-to-action to your own website at the end of your post?
  • Did you edit your post thoroughly?
  • Did you make all external links “open link in new tab”?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, please go back and fix those issues before continuing.

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you are ready to submit your post for review…

g. Submit your post for review.

All done?

Completed the final check with flying colors?


Hit the “Submit for review” button and I’ll review shortly.



i. Send me a 100-200 word email that I can send to The McMethod’s email list to promote your guest post.

If you write a 100-200 word email (based on the template below) that I can use to promote your post, I’ll email The McMethod’s email list about it when your post goes live.

Here’s the template:




Click here to read the post NOW.

In this post, you’ll discover:


Click here to read the post.

John, The Autoresponder Guy


Write the email as though it’s coming from ME, John McIntyre, because it will be.

You may be able to use your post title as the subject line, however, you may want to come up with something more attention-getting. It’s up to you.

The first sentence to get their attention, and the 3 sentences to get them interested, may be the introduction to your blog post. Or you might want to write a new introduction to get people to the post.

Once you’re happy with your email, send it to me so I can schedule an email to The McMethod’s list as soon as your post goes live.

Please note: When you submit content for inclusion on The McMethod website, you transfer your ownership rights of the content to The McMethod, provided I include 1 link to your website at the bottom of each post. You may add a strong call-to-action at the bottom, and up to 3 sentences of copy designed to get them to your site. The McMethod also retains final editing rights to all content.