Success Stories

Get inspired. Below you will find success stories from people who have used The McMethod to achieve success as a freelance copywriter or business owner. I share them here to show you what is possible if you're willing to apply the ideas you discover here.

Take inspiration, but remember, you are an individual. Your results will vary depending upon your current situation, your background, experience and effort. Work to be your best self. 

"I was finally able to quit my day job this past year..."

"Within 2 months, I should be on track for 6-figures."

"I closed my first copywriting client for £1,000..."

"I helped them raise $17,000 in just 24 hours..."

"Thanks to you, I've pulled in over $76K in LESS than 6 months!"

Thanks to John, I made $3,030 with just a couple of emails."

"Last month, I made four figures for the first time..."

"Within a few days, I got my first email copywriting client."

"If you want to learn to sell via email, learn the ins and outs from the McIntyre Method Masterclass. John knows his stuff and he makes it so easy to understand, even more beginners like me."

Andrew Walker

"I attended your webinar about a month ago, and used your strategy to generate three sales in one week, about $600. I planned on signing up and when I saw the extra offer this week, jumped on it."

Anthony Fasano

"Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I'm even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There's no 'secret' in MM it's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound marketing advice that anyone can and should follow."

Blake Sterling

"I've read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it's *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest."

Drew Sanocki

"I found you and your site about 6 weeks ago, and LOVE everything you do! I just finished the Masterclass, and it is awesome. I especially loved the Copywriting For Conversions bonus."

Scott Swenson

"Been a member for more than a year now and learned A LOT. Have been able to use what I've learned in the course to help with fundraising for a school client - $15k in 25 days, which may not sound like a lot, but for this school it's a big deal."

Mary Kate Feeney

"DAMN! Your Spielberg email rocks! Sent it to my list the other day and got 3 ebook sales! LOVE your stuff and LOVE the McIntyre Method!"

Josh London

"This is one of the best email marketing courses out there. I have taken other courses and this one is simple to understand and use. If you want to write effective emails that generate sales, this is the course for you."

Henry Czubkowski

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